My Pretty Box

The individual goes through their everyday experience constantly being bombarded with signs to decipher that scrutinize and reveal the boundless absurdity of the life that one lives: Snapple, Walmart, Individually Wrapped Breath Mints, Enron, BP, CitiBank, Time-Warner, Google, Reality TV, WaltDisney, DuPont, Halliburton, McDonald’s, The Gap, The Turduken, Republicans, Democrats, etc… In thinking on the lexicon of contemporary society, I often wonder, how can one navigate their life in any socially responsible and considerate fashion?

Sartre aptly describes this navigation as delivering an unavoidable vertigo, and I am deeply interested inexposing this “vertigo” of which the conscious thinker is aware. I assume this status of being overwhelmed to be a key and constant component of the human condition. In my investigations of how human beings relate to one another, I am fascinated that this absurdity and anxiety in human consciousness is something that propels the individual into action even still.
"My Pretty Box #1," Walnut Ink and Wine on Paper, 44" x 30", 2009
"My Pretty Box #2," Walnut Ink on Paper, 44" x 30", 2009
"My Pretty Box #3," Graphite and Wine on Paper, 44" x 30", 2009
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