I have always been curious to what extent people relate to one another, and ultimately, this is my deepest fascination. Recently, this interest has manifested in a large, continuing Intaglio Etching project that investigates the idea of “Supervenience.” Simply defined, this is a dependence relationship where an idea or an object has a direct connection to both the step before and the step after in any given sequence of events. For example, in nature, living things are supervenient over cells, cells are supervenient over molecules, molecules over elementary particles, ect..

Formally, I have taken one zinc plate through 27 different states, with each state revealing a continuous visual narrative. I am interested in this idea of supervenient relationships in the natural world, and how they cross over into our experience of the human condition—for example, I wonder, “Is there any parallel that can be drawn through the pure substance people are made and the cultural interactions that they have?”