PAINTINGS (2005-2008)

I am investigating the solitary relation that exists among people. It seems as though one goes through their human experience embracing two very distinct paradigms: that of being wholly isolated; the affect of an expanse of the individual’s personal reality, built on things such as memories, personal tastes and preferences, tendencies towards actions, and one’s overall view and relationship with themselves and “their” world around them. This side of human experience is important and tempting, as one realizes that no matter how sophisticated an era is, or to what extent language is developed, every single person has a story much greater, and far more personal than any symbol, series of words strung together, or any other form of communication could possibly delineate. In this sense, we are alone, unable to truly describe sincerely, even vaguely complex emotions or states of being. All that is left, in the majority of instances, is the way that one acts in the world to help describe all that language lacks. In the Sartreian sense of radical freedom, of responsibility, and assuming one’s actions as being “theirs,” this reality is power.

And it is this power that each person shares equally that is the next paradigm: that of being endlessly connected. Perhaps, simply, because this experience of “loneliness” is precisely the thing that binds one with the next, and that renders one intriguing. ‘What is happening inside of you?,’ ‘Could you possiblybe feeling what I am feeling?’ And so on. But we are– moving besides each other, communicating silently through body gestures, and endless recognizable signs even more quiet than that, we understand to a certain extent, exactly what we are.